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  • We took part in APEH's Project for Modernizing Tax-administration (AKP), specifically in the subproject Central Taxpayer Registry. The goal of the subproject was to create a decentralized taxpayer registry in the environment of HP Unix and OpenIngres, with the development tools Ingres ABF and Delphi, and the use of the ICASE planning tool. One of the most important scientific and practical results of the development was the creation and implementation of an algorithm capable of storing the data chronologically, and also capable of finding specific data according to more timelines.
  • We took part in APEH's Project for Modernizing Tax-administration (AKP), specifically in the subproject System Architecture. The goal of the subproject was to create the environment, and the rules in this environment for the AKP projekt. As part of the subproject we created a general code managing system, and with it a code server, which supplied irrespective of database manager. The development of the general warranty system was also a requirement of the subproject.
  • Supplying an error managing, application managing, and monitoring program system for APEH's Sztadi charge account managing program.
    The goal of the program was to further develop the Ingres ABF and VISION applications' error managing capability, and so to create such an application managing toolkit, which –built into the applications- is capable of measuring efficiency, analyzing time data and finding database conflicts. The system also contains an on-line monitoring interface, which –apart from monitoring- also makes possible altering running programs.
  • Courses for the Ingres database managing and application developing tools.
Internet applications

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Established in 1998. by 2 mathematicians, 1 system managing mathematician, 1 electrical engineer and 1 programmer. The co-workers have worked together for years and some for even decades at the academy's research facility as scientific consultants. In K-Pro Ltd. the co-workers continue their work within the new confines. This work is a very innovative and scientific software- development, which partially concentrates on the development of basic software

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