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Main activities

Use of object orientated development tools

The development of Java applications, applets and servlets, in the environment of internet, intranet and extranet, in the field of integrated systems for companies and electronic commerce. For these environments we created a general frame, which contains special searching and browsing functions and other main components useable in e-commerce.

Development of applications in the environment of Delphi and PowerBuilder.

Huge databases and application systems

These activities consist of planning databases, planning and developing applications, and the complex task of installing and operating these.

Development of basic software for database management

Development supporting tools and support programs usable mostly in the environment of Ingres and Unix: a program synchronizing huge divided databases, CASE tools and database structures, software that makes available the monitoring and application- management of the data structure management subsystem, document providing support programs for Ingres databases and development tools.

About our company

K-Pro Informatics Ltd.
Established in 1998. by 2 mathematicians, 1 system managing mathematician, 1 electrical engineer and 1 programmer. The co-workers have worked together for years and some for even decades at the academy's research facility as scientific consultants. In K-Pro Ltd. the co-workers continue their work within the new confines. This work is a very innovative and scientific software- development, which partially concentrates on the development of basic software

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Telefon: (06) 30 462 0363
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