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kim Intranet Information System for City Hall and Municipality of Budapest
  • The main goal of the system is to organize and make available the huge amount of information created and stored in different independent systems, as text of national and local laws and regulations, budget data, general assembly’s records, phone book, organization structure, personal data, news reviews, etc. (text files, dBase, Access, MS SQL, DB2, etc.).
  • From technical point of view the seed of the system is almost the uhu’s one. Java servlets are used to retrieve data from different sources and pass them to JSP engine to generate HTML pages.
  • The special search and browse engine helps to organize information of very different kind and nature. The taxonomy tree can be developed continously by end users.
  • The environment is Windows NT with MS SQL 7.0 as database server and linux with IBM WebSphere as web and application server.

About our company

K-Pro Informatics Ltd.
Established in 1998. by 2 mathematicians, 1 system managing mathematician, 1 electrical engineer and 1 programmer. The co-workers have worked together for years and some for even decades at the academy's research facility as scientific consultants. In K-Pro Ltd. the co-workers continue their work within the new confines. This work is a very innovative and scientific software- development, which partially concentrates on the development of basic software

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